FS: Clutch Pedal Assembly

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Apr 18, 2001
New Jersey
I have a clutch pedal assembly for sale. Originally, when I bought this assembly from another member I was told it was for a 1968. I could not get it to fit so I don't think that it is for a 68. Possibly a 1967? Not sure. Anyway attached is a picture, maybe you all could figure out if it will work for your application. I have taken off the spring that is shown in the picture which will be included. Also, the plastic bushing will have to be included. Asking $150. See picture below.

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I am not sure if they are for manual or power brakes. I am thinking manual though. Don't the power brakes come with a different type of pad on the brake? If you know a way I can determine whether or not I will be happy to investigate.

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