Fuel Filter?


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Mar 31, 2005
Calgary AB
How much is a fuel filter and how do I change one? I have been told that it might be the reason my car has been running as if it is only running on 7 cylinders.

Is it hard or simple to change the fuel filter? What tools do I need? Thanks
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Last time I bought one in Toronto from the Ford dealer,(excellent quality) it was roughly $15-16 dollars.
It`s not that hard to change.First you have to bleed off the fuel pressure in the line at the schrader valve under the hood.
I made my own contraption for this which is a old air hose off a bicycle tire pump.At the threaded end that screws onto the schrader valve I installed a small finishing nail in the small hole where the air comes out of because the valve on the fuel line is a little deeper than your average tire valve.Without the nail the end won`t reach and depress the valve when screwed on.
I then just screw it on with the other end in a small bottle to catch the fuel as it comes out,(not really that much).
You could also maybe use a nail to press the valve and catch the fuel with a rag.
Underneath the car you only need a screwdriver or 5/16" socket to loosen the hose clamp around the filter itself.Then remove the plastic hairpin type clips at each end of the filter.Give the lines a little bit of a twist back and forth to break the O-ring seal.You kind of have to push down a little bit on the ends of the plastic clip so you can pull the clip out.You`ll get the idea when your under there.Once the clips are off pull the lines off while paying attention to how the filter was positioned in terms of flow direction.Remove the filter and install the new one in the bracket in the proper flow direction,(filter has an arrow showing flow direction).Tighten the clamp install the lines and new plastic clips and your done.
It's not hard. It is just a little tedious trying to get the plastic clips off that hold the fuel lines to the filter. Check to see if the new filter you buy comes with new clips. Then you don't have to worry about breaking them.

All you need is a jack and jackstnds to work under the car, a flat bladed screwdriver to unclamp the fiter, and needle nose plyers and a screwdriver to pop the plastic clips off.

Be careful not to let fuel drip in your eyes.