Fuel Gauge Problem

Driving to work this morning (full tank of gas) and I hear a warning indicator, sounds just like the low fuel sound when you have 50 mile until empty, look down and see an error message about fuel level, look at gauge and it's on E and color has changed. I tried to clear the message without luck, then ran the diagnostics and the message comes up again. Was planning on writing the message down when I came to a stop and it just went away.
Does anyone know of a TSB or has anyone else experienced this problem? If so how was it corrected?
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I'm not sure the circumstances under which this is occurring in your car, but it has happened in mine. The tank is usually 1/2 or less and sometimes after hard acceleration or cornering the guage will drop to E and the warning will come on the dash - *ding* '0 miles to E'. It usually won't correct itself right away. But it will be back to normal after a sit in the driveway.
If it's the same thing that happened to me it's the sending unit in the gas tank. I was told to switch to chevron with techron and pour a bottle of the techron adetive in the tank . One week later problem was gone . ford is having trouble adapting the sending unit to all the recent changes in gasoline. And no they were not blowing smoke they showed me the memo on the computer from Ford . Not crazy about being limited to one brand of gas but it fixed the problem.
corvettes have had the sending unit problem for a while they also have to add the techron additive when filling up. this is not a new problem, just new to many of us. the additive lubes the sending unit. the new stangs also have dual sending units, because it is a saddle tank. two side of the tank = two sending units to get fuel level. if the two sending units dont match up, then the computer doesnt know what to do, and trips the error.