Fuel Gauge stops working at times


New Member
Jul 22, 2002
Dover, PA
I've been having problems with my fuel gauge not working at times. I will be driving and it will turn off and register an empty tank. Sometimes it will come back on, but other times it won't until I shut the car off and restart it. It seems to do it once the tank is at 3/4 full or below. Is there a sensor to read the level of the fuel in the tank that might be going bad? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Yes there is. It is a floater with a plastic sensor inside that makes contact. You can pull it out and ajust it and try that. It is very common and is simple to do. You have to drop the tank down to get to it.
foxes have an anti-slosh module too. i dont know if you do, but i thought i would toss that out in case you do. the sender reading is sent through it before goin to the gauge. so if there is a bad connection there or it is on the fritz, you can have intermittant readings, etc.
just another thing to perhaps check.
good luck.