Fuel Injected Intake Manifold...


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Aug 20, 2006
Orlando, FL
I remember people talking about a fuel injected manifold that looked like a carb manifold...similar to what is on the front page of stangnet.com right now - for the fox of course. It allowed someone to remove the valve covers without removing the intake manifold. Does anyone remember or know who made that manifold?

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I think the one you're talking about is the "Spider" or "Spyder" intake? :shrug:

You can modify pretty much any carb intake to accept injectors and then run an elbow on top of it with a throttle body. I don't know how well a duel plane intake would work...never seen anyone use one. Most people use the Victor Jr, but i've even seen big tunnel ram duel carb intakes modified and running duel throttle bodies.