Fuel pump (and/or relay) issue... need help fast


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Dec 17, 2001
Austin, TX
Ok... just looking for any quick ideas of what to check next. This is on a 91 LX 5.0L

Parked my car yesterday morning. Came out to it 5 min later, it attempted to start (maybe 5-6 revolutions running) and then just turned. Kept on turning. Could not hear the fuel pump prime or run.

Checked the relay, felt a bit warm, pulled it off, reattached, same thing.

Got picked up and taken to get another car to get to work. Get back to the mustang and give it a try for S&G. It starts, runs fine. I don't want to strand myself, so I turn it off, and try it again. Same thing, starts and runs.

Move the spare car I brought. Go back to the mustang, won't start again. Fuel pump not priming.

Went through what parts of the checklist I could at night with no lights. 11.84-12V at power wire to relay. With key on, relay (and spare) tried but didn't seem to get power back to the pump. I took a volt meter and put one probe on the power wire to the pump, and the other either on the ground or on the chassis, and got nothing.

I'm gonna run through the checklist again tonight. But, i wanted to see if anybody had any other ideas to check other than bypassing the fuel pump to check it (which i'm gonna do anyways).

Appreciate the help
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