Fuel Pump Question: P1SC setup

So I'm getting ready to do my P1SC install. I bought the GSS340 255lph high pressure pump, and also have the inline pump that came with the P1SC kit. My question is simple; do I need both? I plan on using 24lb injectors with an FMU for now (not trying to necessarily push it too much yet, probably 8-10psi I estimate). Any opinions/experiences? Thanks!
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Your current pump should do just fine with those injectors, just be sure to increase your fuel pressure accordingly.

Also, whoever put the idea in people's heads that inline pumps are restrictive is giving bad advice. Nearly all pro high-flow pumps are in-line due to the ease of installation/replacement and heat transfer. They all, on average, will outflow most in-tank pumps. I have a wonderful Aeromotive in-line pump that will do circles around just about anything else you'll find (124 gph@55 psi!!).