fuel pump ?


New Member
Aug 31, 2003
87, lx, 2.3, 5 speed. f.i. . when i turn the ignition switch i hear the fuel pump come on, then cutoff after prime. car starts but then i hear the fuel pump running and it runs until i shut the car down. is this normal for it to run while driving. and no its not straight wired to a continuous power source. thanks
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Stinger said:
Good movie...

Yes, that's perfectly normal. How do you expect the engine to get fuel if the pump isn't running? :scratch:


i understand that, only time when i heard a pump that noisy is when i bypassed the ballast resistor on a jeep cherokee.(really loud) thanks for the info
CruzNlife1 said:
Ditto. And the pumps on these cars are notoriasly noisy anyways. Kinda like the wonderful ford powersteering we were blessed with.
lol how about a walbro 255 ZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! the Holley Blue is another good.

I found that some Syntheitc ATF quieted my powersteering probably a bad thing but it works fine.