Fun Ford Weekend - Georgia


10 Year Member
Dec 6, 2007
SE Georgia
Is there anything going on for the Georgia Fun Ford Weekend in Commerce? I am from Orlando and used to live in the Metro Atlanta area, so i am familiar with the area. I would love to meet some more Stangers and possibly do something like the Hooters thing we did for the Orlando weekend. By the way, the Orlando FFW was a blast, can't wait to go to the one back in my old home. :flag:
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I have read that they are putting up extra payout on a couple of the classes, so it could end up being pretty good. i went two years ago and it was good but the events at the hotels was even better. the only thing that scares me about FFW is that last year the racing was very very weak, none of the big guys ever showed up. I wanted to go to get out of the snow.