Gas cap ????????

'06 stang

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Jun 3, 2005
Stupid question here........Is it possible to run a siphon hose down the filler neck on modern cars like my Mustang GT and my '04 Silverado? With gas at almost 4 bucks i'm sure it's going to be a daily event somewhere. If it is possible to suck the gas out with a rubber hose maybe locking gas caps would be a good deterent. Thanks
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I tried pretty hard to siphon the gas out of my own car with several different size hoses and couldn't do it. I had to get the 87 octane out of it so I could put in the 91 required for my supercharger. It had a full tank and I didn't feel like driving for 4 hours that night before I dropped it off to the mechanic the next day. Unfortunately, instead of siphoning gas, people just take an ice pick and jam a hole in the bottom of the tank to get it out.
Buddy of mine has an '06 or '07 Chevy SUV (can't remember which model). His wife is an RN and was driving to see her patients. Went to her first appointment of the day after filling up, when starting her car to leave she saw that she was on 'E' already. Limped to a gas station and went to fill up and the gas cap was removed. So I don't think that screen protector applies to all makes and models.
I've siphoned in order to be in compliance with the fire code for an indoor car show. While it wasn't easy to get the hose I used into the tank, I did get it in there and removed about 6 gallons worth of fuel.

Took quite some time and it was a pain, but it can be done. Car would need to be un-attended for a long while, and in a location with little foot traffic for someone to pull it off.
A lot of gas siphonig is goin on aroud here.My first mod was a locking gas cap:D
I also added plate locks on my license plates too. They seem to be taking license plates as well. my alarm has chirped a few times also, can't figure out just what they are doing to it to make it chirp, or what they are tryin to take off the car to make it chirp. That life I guess:shrug: