Gear installers in metro detroit area


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Aug 3, 2003
allen park
Getting my 3.73's this friday...looking for somewhere/someone to put them in....talked to livernois and they want $300 just for the labor...anyone know anywhere good and cheaper?...or if anyone has done gears a lot and knows what they are doing i can throw them some cash....let me know any info..thanks guys
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My friend and I did my gears in under 3 & 1/2 hours, so $300 is rediculous (unless the going rate is $80/hr). And it was our first time.

My brother paid $250 locally. Keep looking & good luck.
find some local boards and find someone that does sidejobs. i got away with $150 for install along with all the fluids and everything else needed....just had my gears (rearend and speedo) and i was good to go. usually do it quicker/cheaper than a shop