goin with teh 4 banga springs!!!

Mr. Rustypwnz

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Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
Ite, I have some really weird springs in my car, on the front to be exact, the back are stock and they feel really good, but ridin around yesterday with my friend, I went over some train tracks and it hit so hard it knocked the rear view mirror off, :jaw: anyway Im going to the pic n pull sat and im going to get some 4cyl springs, so it will ride better, I mean hell the car sat the same in the front when I had the engine and tranz out. So are there any cautions or anything to look out for when I put these in thur this weekend? I dont have a sway bar either so would a 4 cyl sway bar be the same as a gt or 5.0 piece?

Thanks josh
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I don't think switching to 4 cylinder springs is going to give you a better ride. Removing the sway bar can cause the ride to be greatly altered, especially when travelling over bumps. You might want to check to make sure that your shocks and struts are good as they are designed to dampen the shock of riding over bumps.
i had 4cyl springs on my 94 cobra and i loved them. gave it a nice stance in the front and rode pretty damn good. im using them in my 89 but when i used the front spindles from the 94 in the 89 they sit different so i need to get another set and cut them right. the mounting points are different where the spindle bolts to the ball joints and i had to cut the springs to make them fit right. i cut them about half a coil to much so it scrapes a little. i got a pair comin to me for free hopefully sometime this week. ill try to get pics for anyone that might be interested in doing a 5 lug swap and is wondering what springs to go with