Going to 17x9 24mm offset wheels up front, steering rack limiters?


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Sep 5, 2001
Will I need to get some steering rack limiters if I swap to 17x9 wheels with 24mm up front? I have stock K member, Stock a arms, 94 model spindles, lowered with FMS B springs, also does anyone recommend a tire size??? I've been researching looks like 255/40/17 might be the best.

Where to I buy the limiters and how do they install?
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Ford Carries the Travel Restrictor/Travel Limiters.
Part # N804842-S Washer

50 resto or late model restro also carries them.

I'm running 17X9 with +28 w/ 94 spindles and lowered 1" w/ H&R springs
no rubbing issues.
I have 17X8 97 Cobra wheels on my 91 notch with your same setup. Those have a 30mm offset and they rub on the K-frame on a full turn. They do not rub on the fender.

Now 17X9's are 1 inch wider, and carry the 24mm offset which makes the wheels mounting surface 6mm further out, thus making the wheel itself 6mm further out. But remember you have that extra inch that is divided up...some in the front and some in the back of the wheel. Try them before you get rack limiters.

To install them you will have to remove your boot on the rack and slip them behind the inner tie rod. The factory has some in there, you can add more obviously.

I have my Cobra R's here, I will throw them on my 81 tonight for you and let you know....(although my 81 has the 01 spindles which widen the track width 8mm further than the 94-95 spindles).