Gone in 2 days...cant wait CO here I come


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Mar 15, 2002
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Going to Brek for a snowboard trip. Learned there and went there for 5 or so years and then started going other places. Its been 2-3yrs since I have had the chance to get out and go boarding...


Leaving Thurs. night (plan around 6:30-7:30pm) and hope to get in around 9:30 or so Fri. morn. The group of guys I learned/always have gone with fell apart the last 2-3yrs:( and I got together a group of 1 skier (going to be fun) and 3 noobs. I hope one of them likes it to go next year.

I just hope the snow Thurs night does not F' us:notnice: .

Anyway, anyone else happen to be going/board? How has it been so far this year for others and thier trips?
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my brother just got back from there this last weekend--he had fun as usual. they go every year to brek, i personally prefer smaller less crowded resorts.

he said there were a bunch of people from ak, mi, ny, etc cuz noone else has any snow yet.
I'm going to Avon CO in FEB..Yeah baby cant wait to get the cobwebs off my board..And I just got some new snow gear...And a new set of black CAMO Oakley goggles. Ive been wanting a set for years.
My pants shot craps this year, I want a nice pair, I was at a local place and they had a pair that after the sale ended up costing me 26$. I fig. if I dont find something this year I will just wait and use these for this year. I need a new outer coat BAD.

Brek is big on the crowd along with the rest of the Vail props. Atleast they are big places though. So far my top pic is a tie for Steamboat and Snowbird...both ROCKED:nice: :hail2: . I have been to Jackson Hole but it was off season in mid-late May, DAMN nice town though.

Thinking about taking the wife on the Keystone sleigh ride/dinner thing if the Res. are not full.
a freind of mine went to breckinridge a yr or two ago and my other freind just got back from heavenly in tahoe last week. Both said that after going out west, east coast skiing just seems even more embarrasing by comparison. I've got a season pass to 3 mountains here in MD and southwest PA and it hasnt snowed one damn flake yet. I'm so used to skiing on manmade ice/snow its been years since i've shred on pow. enjoy it man take some pics
I go to brettin woods once a year to go snowboarding in NH.

I've been boarding for 12 years now.. Was an instructor for 3 years...and I love it.

This season doesn't seem too promising though. :(