Good wheel deal?


Feb 26, 2006
Ok, this guy i know is selling his wheels off his car. They are '03 chrome Cobra wheels, 17x9 up front and 17x10.5 out back with Goodyear Eagle F1's up front and Nitto 555r's out back. The fronts are OEM and the rears are replicas, this guy takes really great care of his stuff so i know the wheels are in brand new shape. I'm gonna get some better rim/tire pics soon and there has only been sticky weights on these, no hammer weights.

He is asking about 850$, he said he would like to get 800$ for em. So depending on how the tires look how good of a deal is this? I did some research and if i were to buy 4 wheels of the same off a website it would be about 660 i think. I know nittos and eagle F1's are expensive as hell so what do u guys think?

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Gimme his number if you dont want them...J/K but that sounds very good considering that they are chromed 03 Cobra wheels and have tires on them, even if you could barely squeeze 3k miles out of them would be a good deal.....JMO though.