Got a 93 5.0 LX Notch that was tagged in the front, need input.


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May 17, 2005
OK first off this is not my first 5.0, so we can skip the basics. OK the car has a salvage title and has been being driven for some time now. I already have a Vette and basically wanted another stang and this was a good deal for partts alone. The car has GT 40 Iron heads and a b303 cam. It has BBK long tube headers and a BBK X-pipe with a flowmaster exhaust, it has 373 gears and a hurst shifter, the motor is an 89 so it has the forged pistons. Now the bad stuff. The car had a front end on it that was primered but the headlights seemed a little angled down. So I ripped off the nosecone and bumper and I see that the bumper supports are bent down about an inch cocked I'd say. Then I see the lower radiator support is torqed on the lower drivers side and the condenser bracket is bent way up and it has no condenser and on old 1 core radiator. I figure a body guy friend could probably replace the radiator support as they are around 175 bucks but I noticed that right behing where the radiator support meets the frame rail its buckled about a 1/4", not good but I can live with that as I can make it up in the body I guess. Now the part I'm nervous about, the front driver fender is tweeked over so that the hood rubs when closing, and when you look at the inner driver fender under the hood its quite buckled, how can I tell if the strut tower is bent. I was thinking about trying to install a strut tower brace and see if it lines up. The previous owner is throwing in subframe connectors, a strut tower brace, upper and lower control arms, and a GT-40 lower intake(where can I get just an upper?) but I don't have all the parts yet, should get them later this week. So is the strut tower brace a good idea. I checked the frame rails with another buddies 5.0 and they do not appear tweeked orbent in any way. The salvage title is actually from all the items stolen when it was hit I have been told, I don't know if thats true or not but I traded the car for my old beater 91 CRX and even for just the parts it a good deal but I would really like to bring the car back if I can as my 92 GT was stolen and never recovered so this is almost like therapy for me. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
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The car is currently at my Dads place about an hour from here but I will snap some pics tomorrow. Can we host pics here as I have no web space to host images.
car needs to be set up, and pulled, by someone that knows what they are doing.
it will never be right, untill it is pulled......then everything will "fall" into place, and line right up.
dont skimp, cost ya 2-400 bux, and you wont have to worry about it again.

good luck
Only 200-400 bucks, thats great! I take it thats with me removing and reinstalling all the panels? Anyone ever replace the radiator support? How bad is that job?
Stubbs said:
Anyone ever replace the radiator support? How bad is that job?

i doesn't seem bad to me, but i had a guy that drove 3 hours to buy my old car after was found...'89 notch roller , w/ interior was wanting $600 bones

he turned around and went home cuz the core support was bent from the thieves towing it from there.

anyway...i'd repair this gonna be a weekend racecar, or daily driver?
Well its starting as a daily driver, but at some point will become a weekend road racing/autocross car. I miss my 92 that was stolen everyday and when this deal came around I just couldn't pass it up.
I went down to a local body shop and talked with the owner. He said that these cars can take a hell of a beating without bending the strut tower. He was actually working on a 96 Cobra that was stuffed way worse than mine in the front. It actually looked like a Mystic Cobra, you know that dark purple color. That cars strut towers were fine so mine have a good chance of being OK. He said 175 bucks to trow it on the computer rack and check the frame, and then we can take it from there. Sounds good to me, especially after seeing how much notchbacks are actually selling for lately. Its been about 5 years since I have seen the price of 5.0's and man have they gone up in value, but the parts have actually droped in price quite a bit. I guess so many 17 year olds bought 5.0's and wrecked them, I suppose that as fewer are available they will naturally appreciate in value.
is it worse than this 93 coupe that I just bought? I should have around $1500 in it to fix it. Frame machine time, paint, and a 4 banger hatchback for parts..