got a check engine light after adding a O/R H-pipe. need help!!!!!!!


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Jun 14, 2003
Manitoba, Canada
I went to a muffler shop and i got the guys there to cut off the cats and make me a all new 2 1/2 inch h-pipe. he showed me what he was going to do and he told me what i want to do about the hoses that go to the rear cats. he said he can just weld them shut and not worry about it. i told him if it would trigger the engine light and he said no. after the car was done it sounded awesome and felt awesome. i had a feeling the cats were clogged and thats why it felt a little slower then i should of. well halfway home the engine light comes on.

i'm like ****!!!!!!! i bet its that damn smog line!!!!!!!!

when i got home i shut off the car and when i started it up again, the light was off. after a short trip, the light came back on.

i dont know what i should do. i dont want to have the engine light come on all the time. i'm thinking maybe i can just open the tubes back up again and let it vent out under the car. would that work?

tell me what i should do.


PS- It sounds awesome with my Mac cat-back. crazy loud!!! had me grinning right when i started it up from ear to ear :D my brother drove the car down the street and back so i could hear how it would sound and i could hear him coming way before i can even see him. it feels great now

me likey very much!!!!! :banana:
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Shouldn't have caused any problems unless you have a leak or they damaged your O2 sensors.... I removed my smog and it went okay. No CEL here. Good luck! The codes should show you your problem. If the place that did the work has an engine analysist, I would make them check it for free. ;)