Got a New Tint Job


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Jul 21, 2003
ATL, Shawty
Llumar 15% all around! :banana:

Finally the Stang has tint. My daily driver has been laughing at how the Stang has had naked windows for the past couple years while it has had 15% for a few years now.




The Daily Driver - Llumar 15% Also
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It's a rubber antenna. It's made to bend and flex. It looks like that after all the wind and my friends making shapes with it. I am about to replace it with a shorty antenna due to the piss poor reception.
Looks good. I might tint my stang during the summer. I was thinking of going 15% but now that I saw it on yours(it looks good) I think it might be too dark because the damn cops here are dicks and would pull me over :( know what? ***** them! I think I'm gonna go with 15% or possibly 10%. Just wondering how much did it cost you, Mossberg?

Got it done in Canada right across the Detroit border by one of the best tinters around. He charges about $160 Canadian which is about $130 US. (Gotta love the exchange rate)

Most places around here charge anywhere from $180 to $250 US for tint jobs!
Tinting should be legal

glowstang93 said:
My side windows are 35%, never had any problems with the law yet. It is illegal to have any tint on the side winows in Illinois btw. So I didn't dare go any darker, less I get pulled over.

Yes, I already knew this, that's why I haven't already got it. I was a bit hesitant(sp) but I always see alot of cars that have their windows tinted and it's no prob. I might go anywhere from 25 to 35%. Just wondering, glowstang, what part of IL are you from?
zincyellow03 said:
Just wondering, glowstang, what part of IL are you from?

Southeast Central Illinois. Olney, home of the White Squirrels
I am 34, don't leave town much and don't cause trouble. The only time I was ever pulled over was when i was out of town in my 92 I used to have. The state trooper pulled me over for the driving lights on while in town and then wanted me to roll up my side windows to check for tint. Lucky for me I never had the side window tinted. He thought he was going to get me because the back and back quarter windows were limo tinted (which is legal as long as u have side mirrors). :banana:
I just got rid of my 96 black mustang gt to get a 03 centennial mustang gt coupe only 717 made of the coupes. I had tint on my last 2 black stangs and now I want to put tint on this one. Tint adds so much to the mustang not that it doesnt look good to begin with. Your stang looks nice with that tint and Ive been wanting to tint my windows 15% too. How much did they charge you? Just curious to see the difference in prices. Thanks