got in a accident


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Jul 16, 2005
Los Angeles, California
So on thursday i was in a accident :(, i was making a left turn in a intersection when a old lady took the red light :nonono: and wiped out my front end :mad:. No one was injured both my passager and i came out ok. The old lady's car only scratches on her crown vic her and her husband are ok too... Here are a few pics....

To all the stang drivers just becareful driving out there





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who was at fault you or her? obviously she ran the red light. but did the cops see it that way?

funny thing it happened right in fornt of a cop as soon as i got out the car he was like "you dont have to explain anything i saw what happen" :shrug: , but then they really didnt point out anybody at fault cause i was in the safe zone when the light was yellow. He then said that she might have been in the safe zone too, but my argument was that she had made an attempt to brake but at the last second took the light :mad:
same thing happened to me, except the lady had a green light and i didnt see her... looks totaled..... look at mine View attachment 317440

that sucks bro. I hate seeing pics of busted up mustangs.

and not to be sexist or anything but why is it always women causing car accidents?lol but yea today every is doing other stuff but driving. putting on makeup reading teh paper talking on phones which are the worst thing ever.

but yea man start pullin off mods that are still good.