Got in trouble at work again. haha


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Aug 11, 2003
Northern VA
Oh man, once again, my adoring fans got me in trouble. As I was leaving, they do the "spin em" hand signals. So i pull up in front of them, dump it at 2400 and spin them until third. I pull ahead and do a doughnut and of course with my luck, stupid assistant manager starts walking towards me. I put it in reverse and start to leave, and he motions to me. Damn!! He leans on my car like he helped me pay for it and before he gets to talk, I say "my clutch is sticking really badly" and he goes "i dont care, that is just ridiculous. if i see that again, you are fired." and i gave him this smug look and said "ok". Stupid guy. Please, dont fire me from my $7.02 an hour job where i work 4 hours for 4 days a week. hahaha. Stupid Walmart. i tell you what though, i left some MAJOR rubber sitting on that cement from both the burnout and doughnut. I love torque and i love rear wheel drive. I think ill wait a week before i do another burnout. hahaha.
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17yrOldStanger said:
tough crowd here. damn, you old guys need to lighten up a little.

The only business that understands stuff like that is parts stores. Trust me there are many sets of late night burn outs from me, my two managers, and several other buddies. We actually went so far one night to make a water box. But then again we are all hot rodders so with management in on it who is going to bitch? Anyway, I would have enough respect to not do it if I know that it would cause problems with the higher up's.
i know how u feel 17yrOLDstanger, at my work i light them up once in a while to merge into highway traffic, but my boss doesn't car, he thinks its funny and loves to ride with me, and it also doesnt hurt that one of the assistant vet-techs is in love with mustangs and her husband owns a ford performance shop. : ) but i also work at a family owned vet clinic so they all know i would do it anyway. i mean i have to acceleration lane at all so i gotta punch it for like an 1/8 mile until i turn into my neighborhood, plus i gotta waste so gas somehow since my work is at the front of my neighborhood.
but if u ever want to quit and i say this solely b/c im a teenager also i would get some attention wait till ur boss is behind ur car do a power brake then haul ass out of there with a big cloud of smoke. but thats just me and i know thats not the smartest thing to do, but hey i love to dream.
I don't mean to sound like an old man, but be carefull where you do that stuff. I made a little peep out of my tires and got a wreckless driving ticket. What was the fine? $250 for the ticket, $6000 (yes thousand) dollars extra paid in car insurance from that ticket so far. Its been on my record for 4 1/2 years and it will go off in another 6 months. I thought it was cool then. I could of paid for another mustang with that.
I love a good burnout as much as anyone... but come on. Take it some where besides work. While it's private propery... it's not worth the fact that Wal-mart can press charges and you can get on the cops **** list over the deal. Being harrassed by the cops in town and followed around is not fun.

So next time, don't waste the wear and tear on the car... unless you have a video camera and can post it for all of us to see! :nice:
Actually you can get fired for burning off your tires, as i found out. I got warned for squelling the tires out of my work (Ford Dealership). then a couple of weeks later i kinda forgot about it and me and a buddy wanted to see who could burn more rubber, he stalled and i filled half the dealership with smoke and got fired, but its ok i was going to join the Air Force and was leaving for basic in three months.
I would have been fired, he would come up like a stuck up bastard and I would have started laughing then tell him not to violate my space and get his face away from my paint. Then I would have offered him a piece of gum when he said no, I would have insisted on how jucy and delicous it is. Then as he walks away, I would throw the gum rapper at him and do a couple more donuts yelling "get a real job pansie!!"