Got my AFR's - Pics Inside


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Jul 19, 2000
Gotta love when there is a UPS package waiting on your porch when you get home from work...reminds me of Christmas morning as kid :D are some of the pics of what I got. AFR 165 58cc Stud-Mount. These heads have been upgraded with many high quality parts and have had some machine work and hand work done to them. They've been milled as well so they're actually 54cc.

I’ve included pictures:

:drool: :drool: :drool:





Hmmmmm....I wonder what these little stamped letters mean??? :shrug: ;) ;) ;)

They aren't new and I originally wasn't planning on going the used route...but these heads have almost $2000 into them and I was planning on upgrading some things this actually saved me money. Plus I'm familiar with the previous owner and his was pretty stout. Heads have been disassembled, cleaned, and resassembled...perfect working order.

They weren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for…hopefully I’ll obtain my goals.

I’m a little happy you could say :banana: :banana: :banana:

Now all that awaits is my custom cam, longtubes, some supporting hardware and 12-second timeslips.


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94DreamGT said:
Hmmm...weird. I guess nobody cares?

Seems like every other post on this board is AFR this, or AFR that.

Oh well...I'll just post back with some track results...that'll get some responses :)


Good luck with the new combination!

Now go chase KillerCanary into the elevens...

94DreamGT said:
Hmmm...weird. I guess nobody cares?
its not that nobody cares, its just that everybody is jealous and hates you right now :p and you said they were just left on the porch??? I'd be a little pissed that the UPS guy left a 1300 dollar package just sitting on my porch for anyone to take.
Those things are beautiful! I know it's a sickness we all share and my name is Taryn, and I'm a stangaholic.

Wish it were me, but keep us posted with your results.
What kind of work was done to them besides milling? What's your CR going to be now....or doesn't it make that much of a difference? Any PVC issues with a large cam? YOUR CAR IS GONNA RIP!!! I'll be right behind ya this spring...

Good Luck

Ed - Thanks...Paul (KillerCanary) has provided a lot of inspiration for my car and its goals. I will be shooting for similar times, but to be able to beat him would take a lot! I was just going to buy the heads and upgrades from you with the whole combo package all at once...but I came across these heads and the deal and coudln't pass up the $$$ savings. I will be contacting you before the end the year concerning cam etc...

1105 - I too am not crazy about the UPS guy leaving the package...however, I would consider my neighborhood realtively "safe", and it would take a lot of balls to walk up to my house and take it. The package was insured by sender btw.

Rude and Jake - The heads have been worked over by Ed...which to my understanding is that he touches up the intake bowls and exhaust bowls and runners. I'm assuming he gets the flow just "perfect" ;)
In addition, they have been milled 0.020" like I said to bring them to 54-55cc. I'm not exactly sure of the forumula since it has many variables, but stock CR is @ 9:1 and I would assume this would bump it up to @ 9.75:1. Heads have upgraded REV valves and REV valve springs to accomodate 0.600" lift. Titanium Retainers (big $$$). Rocker studs have been upgraded from 3/8" studs to ARP 7/16" studs. Heads have been machined for and have hardened spring cups. Edlebrock guideplates. That's all I can remember right alone with the cost of the new heads would be over $1800...add in the machine work and Ed's work and it was pushing $2000. I will have a cam that will work with the heads and the rest of my combo, this would include having no PTV issues, but I'll have to check it anyways just to be sure.

GTJake said:

Can I ask how much you paid for them? If not, that's fine. I just talked to D&D and they said they could do $1500 shipped.....that's rediculous for just the upgraded springs.



I basically paid about the same price for these heads as I would of for a new set of stock out of the box heads. Like I said earlier, the upgrades were basically an additional $500+ on top of the price of the heads new. Since I was going to do some of the upgrades saved me that $.

I will reiterate this though... I would not of bought the heads used unless I had known specifically about this set like I did, talked to the guy numerous times about them, and of course...they had the upgrades.

As for $1500 shipped...that is not ridiculous. Figure $1325 for the heads stock and then $175 for the spring/valve upgrade. Check the #8032 upgrade option on the AFR website and that is their price as well. If you do find it cheaper, it won't be for that much.

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Jake, you better do some research on muscle motors before buying from them. I know some people that have had decent experience with Jack, others have not. When ordering AFR's, its always best to order from those that stock them and not the "drop shippers" like Muscle Motors and JD's Performance. They have cheap prices because they do not stock the items, so their overhead is less. That's nice and all, but if everyone did this we'd all have to wait months to get them, so I prefer to order from those that take the time and spend the money to stock them, of coarse this is easy for me to say as its not my money. I made the mistake of ordering mine this way and I waited for almost 3 months to get my heads, if I had to do it over I'd pay a little more and get them