Got my car back....


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Jun 21, 2004
And yes...they did NOT pay for it...paid 159 for a new wheel...212 for the fix job. So Better Business Bureau/Clark Howard/and a Lawyer will be hearing from me...freaking fools.

So they told me as soon as the wheel got there I would have the car THAT day. Wheel came in Saturday, we took it to them....they kept saying...sorry, we will get to it tomorrow...
then monday when I called...I found out that they ordered the wrong part from Summitt Racing so they had to get the new piece overnighted from summitt.....geez these guys are stupid...they had the car there for 2 weeks and they can't even order the right part for my car.

NOw the wheel situation...EVERYONE is out of Wheel Replica Black Bullits...I found a 17x10.5 AFS wheel but..they problem is the Deep Dish portion does not match...but its close enough for me till Wheel Replicas gets some in stock and I can buy one. Then I can use the AFS wheel as a spare for the rear of the its not a complete waste of 159 bucks.

So today..we are driving up to check on the progress (me and my dad were in the area at the time) I get a call from them saying..."The car is ready just need those lug nuts you said you were going to get." I was like excuse me? You said you were ordering those...they replied with..well, you ordered the wheel, figured you got the lug nuts too....I replied --> Lug Nuts do not come with wheels.

So back down to Mall of Georgia Ford to pick up Lug Nuts b/c we didn't want to wait for them to go get them since they are so unreliable at getting stuff taken care off.

On to the pics....










can't tell when they are on the car...the color at least matches lol

And yes I know...the car is dirty (I ran it through a touch free wash to get the two weeks of Pollen off of it)

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I like Pro3 and all I got was this crappy CT.
Jul 24, 2003
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I don't get it... Why are you taking them to better buisness bureau? It sound like nothing more then unfortunate miscommunication.

Am i missing something?


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Jun 21, 2004
they did not tighten my lug nuts correctly making my wheel fly off on the interstate. They say its b/c I didn't have the correct bolts on the car...which is complete they can not own up to their mistakes...they will pay for it and I would rather it not happen to anyone else, so I would like to get word out....