got my first mustang!!!


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Apr 10, 2004
well i just bought my first mustang!!!! Its an 88 gt. its black and has just been painted so it looks sounds even better....looked under it and saw the h pipe and flowmasters.....beautiful...i went in the dealers office to sign some papers and asked if it had an aftermarket exhaust on it. He thought it was stock.awesome. the car has some 16 inch eagle alloy wheels and brand new tires on it and the motor sounds great...good and tight. everything on the car is just perfect...well the interior is a little rough but thats nothing a good cleaning wouldnt fix....what a great the way search the forums for a comparison of a 1997 saturn and a 1980 malibu...that was me about 3 months ago....i went from crap to 5.0 is good! :banana:
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hey since im new....any cool facts about the mustang i should know? what about horsepower levels or any specs like that? also i really like those steeda banners across the windshield.....anybody got any pics on their cars? thanx.
Yeah, change the screen name, just contact a moderator. Your going to look back and laugh. I don't know if you were in the Import Scene but you'll see those guys fade away. Your on a new level, and jealousy will make them try to convince you your 5.0 isn't anything no matter how many times you prove them otherwise. After a while, you'll get tired of them.
after driveing that 37 hp saturn that stang is gonna tear you up!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya ditto on that banner/sticker idea the real domestic boys dont put on stickers for parts they dont have. because we dont need stickers to impress people.