Got my intake off, 351 w head question


Sep 26, 2007
I have a set of 69 351 w heads, and one head is confuseing me.. The valve on only one head is pushed into the head, it still springs. But it is not flush with the head or overlapsed at all.. The intake gasket on my 5.0 was blown and caused a loss of power. So i bought all new gaskets and have the intake off.. I want to proceed and take the stock heads off and put the 351 heads on but im not sure about this valve.. Please help me i'd like to have my car back soon, thanks
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Sep 26, 2007



Like i said old heads, looked like the slide was bad and the valve started hitting the side weairing it out.. but im not that much of a motor guy. The last time the intake gasket was changed whoever did it didnt change the bolts or put any ceasent. One bolt is still in the head and i now have to send it out to be retapped.. unless i can pull something off, will 302 valves fit in the 351?? 351 heads


Dec 25, 2006
Bellevue, NE
C9OE valves are 1.84"/1.54"

302 valves are 1.74"/1.45"

Just my opinion but by the looks of the photos, IF you could save the old 351 heads your machine shop bill will be more than porting your E7's or finding a set of GT40P's.


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May 22, 2007
going buy your post in talk you found an explorer motor which has gt40 heads. I would wait and save the 351 heads like posted and jump to those if you buy the motor for the parts, It would work out better in the end.


Sep 26, 2007
Yes i have came across a explorer motor, im saveing the 351 heads and will have them redone at another time, thanks for your help.. the seat on the valve is SHOT


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Jul 24, 2000
Orange Park , Fl
The C9 heads have soft seats... made back when gas was gas..LOL To fix the C9 heads you NEED to have hard exhaust seats installed ( usually 120-150.00 at a shop! then valve job and your unleaded fuel friendly!! You might have the shop check the valve guides for wear also!! The C9s are the pre-runner to the GT40 heads.. the GT40 heads are better today, thru the conbustion chambers and runners/bowl.. SOOoooo... finding the Ps is a good idea and sell the old C9s''''' cool??

Just me..................................

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