got myself a little problem

not even sure if this belongs in tech but, a few years ago i purchased an x-pipe with out the rods the h pipe uses to hang off the tranny(5 speed). now i have an h-pipe on there with the rods. well i took some of the h-pipe hanger off and i cannot find it. i have found some replacement parts but they dont look like they are correct. if anyone has a picture of what this is susposed to look like i would greatly appreciate it.
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I'm with Joe. :nice:
I find that it's getting time to replace those hangers and they can be pricey (last ones I looked at were for my fox, and they were rediculous). You can find something at the parts store that is close (for in a pinch), but like Joe said, an exhaust shop will have something real close that will work fine. I used to have to do that for Euro car exhaust systems that used weird hangers that were impossible to get otherwise.

Good luck.