Got the car running today


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Dec 30, 2002
Cornwall, PA
Finished the H/C/I install on my car today! It was the Trick Flow Street Heat kit, with BBK longtubes and x-pipe. The install went well though I definetely need to get a tune. She runs real rich and bogs below 2500, but then starts to take off till 3500. I didn't rev it past that since it only has 100 miles on the install and a I need to put my bigger fuel pump in.

I assume running like this is normal after an install like this. It idles ok (def. sounds good!) but did die on me a couple times while crusing and then coming to a stop.

I'm not sure if I want to take it to a dyno and get it tuned or wait till I get my tweecer to make it more driveable? I really want to have it running well soon so I can take it out.
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I was thinking last night before I went to bed, and all the driveability problems I was having seemed like a vacuum leak to me. Took a look at it today, and sure enough, the hose that was connecting the PCV valve had cracked and fell off. I fixed that and took it out for a spin. What a difference!

I got it idleing real nice around 700-800 RPM and it doesn't really have any driveability problems. It's still running rich and stumbles a little below 2000 RPM under light load, but it's definetly a BIG improvement from last night.

Definetly has as "little" more power than before :nice: Now I just got to get this giddy school girl grin off my face!
Glad to hear you got it in.......I had the same idle would stall sometimes changing to reverse/ would stall when pulling it into drive and sometimes coming to a quick halt at a light........I was living on borrowed time because the fuel pump was almost my last mod....I drove mine since last June and with the auto it was a "chore" at times to keep one foot on the gas and one on the brake at lights but you will learn by watching the tach rise quick and when it drops give 'er a little juice....just my 2 cents....
with that Trickflow you can def. tell the diff. right?
Yea, I had to goose it a couple times to keep her from stalling, but I bumped the idle up to 800 so hopefully that'll minimize it till I can get to tuning.

The trick flow setup was def. worth the money.
Yeah, I agree. I fought with the tweecer vs chip and tune.........I just figured that I had put all the money into the car and I wasn't getting all out of the combo that I should have and I was correct..Don put a Sct chip in and found even more hp out of the Trickflow....after a good tune or self tune you will even be happier......keep me updated.