Great Idea- Diy Auto Repair Shop


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Aug 27, 2012
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Just found this one but its about an hour north of me. Fantastic concept. For around $20 an hour you get to use the facility including lift, compressed air, diagnostics, chiltons,etc. They even have tire changers and balancers.

For a major job it may be worth it to drive that far, pay the $150 for the day and not have to lay under the car.

Anyone else use one of these shops?

Id open up one myself but I can't see how they make money.
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Wow! I have never saw one of these, but many years ago, before I had a house with a garage, I thought this would be a great idea. Glad to see someone finally opened one up. I agree, it would be hard to make money unless you just had a paid for building lying around (just saying).

People always bring up this idea, and everyone always says that it'll never work, liabilities would be too much to make it worth it, you'll never find insurance, etc. etc. Looks like someone finally proved otherwise. Good for them.
what happens if you cannot fix it or other things break and you're stranded, you're waiting on a part and they send the wrong one and you used your last bit of cash on the part and now you're out of money til next weeks paycheck :eek::eek::eek:
I work for the DoD so I was able to use the hobby shop on the Navy base for $5 an hour. Sure made dropping my transmission to do a clutch install much easier.

Yep! Those were the days... I painted cars and done all sorts of maintenance jobs at various hobby shops around the world, mostly on Air Force installations. I don't remember paying much at all, but that was back in the eighties when I was goofing around with my old rust bucket Chevy Vega with a 350cu. in. We could leave the cars on the lot over night and sign into a bay to continue working the next day.

These current civilian ventures would have broken my bank back then, heck we spent half the time talking shop in those days. At $40 an hour, I wouldn't be able to think clearly.... I guess if you don't get the job done, you just push your car out on the street. One thing for certain, be sure to make your buddy shut-up while your working:fight:
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there is one here in the OKC area that is like that. pretty much the same setup that David Pepiton said above. they have a master tech that will help, and you can pay a little extra to use specialty tools. i think the place here is called Shade Tree Mechanic or something like that.