Greetings New to forum

Greetings and Solutations, anyone else get a letter from Uncle Sam that started like that? If so, thank you.
I'm new to the forum, but not Mustangs. Im a Chevy guy who married someone from the dark side; My wife has a bad habit of buying Mustangs when she should be buying Camaros.
My wife's dragged me to look at 77 Mustang II GHIA with a 2.8L v6. The body looked pretty good, new Landau top, nice white interior and 2 new 13 inch walmart tires. Whoop whoop.
The seller started it, claiming it had just been tuned up. I laughed, it barely ran. I pulled my vacuum gauge out found a manifold vacuum in a Medusa mess behind the carb. A very shakey 15inches, my diagnosis, FORD.
I was just about to tell her "No", I hear it all the time, but I happened to glance up and see the, obviously new, tune up specs for the engine sticker. ".014 int .016 exh." A solid cam. I glanced at the valve covers. The last time they were removed our president was a former actor.
From the gauge I new the lash amongst other stuff was WAY off.
Did the obligatory test drive. I laughed.
That new Landau top, the rear wi dow had no weather strip and rattled. That was the least of it.
Limped it back to the seller. "How much?" "$2000" I laughed blah blah I got it for $1400.
Got it home, barely. Re built the 2150 and called it a day. Cold start the next morning, fast idle was around 2000. I tapped the accelerator, no joy. The engine died. Got it running. LARGE BY HUGE miss in 2 if not 3 cyl Boy was I ..not happy.
Pushed it in the garage.Really pizzed now. Pulled the rocker covers. Number 3 and 5 exh push rods decided they didn't like their job and moved from under the rockers to take a break. These rest of the push rods would have done the same except they were adjust like an hydraulic. I dont know how the poor pitiful thing ran at all. Ran the lash. Fired her and was rewarded with 16 inches of steady vacuum.
I have removed the front suspension to replace the bushings, lasted maintained when our president was a peanut farmer. Bought a gearhead rack and pinion, big mistake. Nice r&p, it's for a street rod. So, the factory fittings won't fit. I'll make it work, re build the original and put it back in. The gear head r&p will go in my car, a 58 del Rey with a 675hp 502.
I ordered the parts for the front end of the Tang Duece and started cleaning 45 years of muck off the oem parts. I also started to read up on the WT*??? 97HP 2.8. This isn't a mustang this is a my little pony.
I own 2 double digit hp rating engines. One is my 69 Sportster 61 hp the other a Briggs and Straton 17hp lawn tractor. I do not want 3.
My credit card was feeling the strain of the rack and pinion, new coils, new leafs, new bushings, shocks and a modern A/C kit. I thought, may as well put it out if misery. I pulled the trigger.
One of the sites I ran across had an Offenhauser I seen in several forums as a must have. According to Brian. I got the last one on the shelf and considerably less than race car shops. Clicked da bay and found a new 390 Holley with a 1 Inch spacer for $300. That should help the HP a bit. Scrolled a bit found federal moral. 030 over for $40...why not? The engine has 151k on it.
I have looked for headers for the Mustang II. As of now No joy on those.
I'm kinda stumped on cams. I'm a Big blk chevy guy (cant say BBC, thanks internet) and the 420s-450s lift with 202 duration, I assume, god I hope at .050 seem puny.
The car has a 9 inch, I think a C3, but I forget. I want a cam that I dont need a stall with, but has some lump to it.
I did a resto on a 71 coupe with a 351 C in it.. friggin date codes. She (yes improper pronoun, traded it and $10 for sunfire convertible with a 2.4 dohc.
Divorce was not contemplated, murder was.
This one stays. She knows me and what will happen to her if this car is traded for another nightmare like that sunfire.
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