My new II


Mustang Master
Mar 29, 2020
The shifter looks like it's close to the dash and fairly tall. It may be fine depending on your seating position and arm length. If you find yourself reaching too far for 5th Modern Driveline has a shifter for us now. Places the shift lever dead center of opening. I picked up their 6" lever too and it feels pretty close to the stock rad 4 position.

Here is my car when I first installed the trans and shifter. It is a T5 using the modern driveline shifter and lever.

Do you know what front springs are on it? I only ask since it started as a v6 with the manual. It came with fairly light front springs from the factory. My car started as a v6 auto. I used a bunch of aluminum parts, put the battery in the trunk, have the T5/302. I thought the v6 springs would work with the diet I put her on. I have the larger new front sway bar but it's not right. It rides bad, sits too low and doesnt handle like it should. I just picked up coil overs to firm it up and hoping it will ride better. If you find it's wandering or unstable cornering it may need addressed.

There are only a handful of us II guys. We don't really crawl out from under our rock that much. Post something on our forum and you will get more replies. Well, not more replies but you will get more replies from II owners.

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That car is beautiful. I'd like to find one in good shape that doesn't cost a ton.
Thanks for all the compliments and replies. The Magnum 400 wheels with our bolt pattern is only available in 15x6 as someone mentioned. The 14x6 fits the 4.50 older Stangs. I bought the 15x6's and Bf Goodrich T/A's 215/60 15's and they only touch the back of the front fender liner on lock to lock. My mechanic thinks I need hub centric rings as the Magnums do have some play in the bore hole. Anyone's thought on that ? The Ansen Sprint wheels and tires are still available.