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Mar 8, 2014
Good Day Everyone,

Long story short, my stang has had 3 different motors installed with a year. We (my husband and I) along with the neighbor put in another motor recently. We decided to do so because I was tired of paying my mechanic and it continuing to mess up. Anyways, I am trying to figure out where all the engine ground locations are. It wasn't starting at first due to a fuel pump issue. Got a new one, installed it and started it up. Ran REAL rough, loud like a diesel. That's is not my issue at the moment. That's another after a few days, we did not start it due to not having time to work on it. It not will not start at all. It will click and TRY to turn over. I'm needing to make sure all the grounds are/were connected. I just need to make sure ALL grounds are connected. I have the battery grounded and the starter is grounded as well. What else could be pulling my charge from my battery?
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I encourage you to go out and get a Haynes repair manual. It has all the wiring diagrams in it and everything. Mine isn't with me or I'd do my best to help you out here.