GT-40 P: what-Plugs,wires,pushrods,headers do i need???

mike keirstead

New Member
Aug 6, 2003
Just bought a set of P heads.

What spark plugs do they take?
What headers do they need? (i have mac longtube)
What plug wires will fit?

I also have a b303 and 1.72rr. Is that to much lift for the stock springs?
Do i need different pushrods?

Do i have to machine anything on the heads or wil they just bolt on?

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The problem with headers Mike is the plug angle, which you've probably figured out. Ford Racing has changed the design of their shorty so that it works with the P heads too. The primary's come further away from the block before turning down so that there's plug wrench clearance. Part number is M9430 - P50 for stainless unequal lengths. You can get them ceramic coated as well.
Autolite 764's, if you need a colder plug use 103's

The Mac Longtubes will work, Im using them

I made my own spark plug wires, bought a roll of MSD super conductor wire, and 2- 90 degree terminal/boot kits from summit, if you need me too Ill list everything I bought for you. you can use a Chevy V8 set also but they are slightly too long on a few and the coil wire will be too short

Im using the B303 with 1.7's also on the stock springs, no problems so far but they are at their limit as far as lift goes, the stock length pushrods were slightly too short for me so I had to get a 6.300" set, Ive heard of several others having this issue as well.
Stock length is 6.272", I did install the 1.7's at the same time, but I tried the stock rockers also and the preload still wasnt right. I got the pushrods from Summit, of course try the stock length first, they "should" work, and a custom length set will run about $90, milling .030 off the heads may be a better fix also if compression isnt an issue
I'm using a set of Accel 8.8's, stock fit with no problems, but i'm also using Ford Motorsport "P" headers. Plugs recommended in the Ford Motorsport book are AWSF32C's, this depends on your overall setup tho. I'm using stock pushrods and rockers with an E-303 camshaft.