Gt Brake Issue

derek s.

New Member
Nov 17, 2013
my son hit a curb w/his 02 gt long story short after replacing the caliper and bleeding it,the piston will not move....i thought they sold me a bad caliper so i exchanged it for a nother one.....same problem again,i find it hard to believe i got 2 bad calipers,if i have good oil,no air,nothing binding,what am i missing?
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When you say not moving, do you mean it is completely frozen in place? As in, even if you removed it from the car, you couldn't press it in or blow it out at all? Or is the fluid just not compressing the piston to apply braking force?

If it is the latter, have you bled the master cylinder? Do that first, and then bleed the caliper.

If it's the former, sounds like you may have gotten 2 bad calipers.
I was thinking damaged brake line as well. Check the hard lines and whenever I replace a caliper, I like to change the rubber lines leading up to them as well. Sometimes the rubber lines can actually fray on the inside and the piece of frayed rubber acts as a flap or one way valve letting the fluid go one way but not the other.