gt to cobra swap

I have a 99gt convertible. It now has a 2003 motor and 6 speed from a supercharger cobra. The wiring and computer in the front half and the gage cluster are from an 04 cobra. I am looking for someone who has done this swap and can tell me any little quirks I might have.
What is the eletricl box under the dash on top of the trans tunnel. There are other questions but looking for someone with a back round in this.
I need to get this car on the road again I am going crazy driving a honda. Before you clown the honda it will smoke most car's out there. BUT JUST THE SAME IT'S A HONDA AND I HAVE IT FOR GOOD MPG. Over 200hp at the wheels in a 2360lbs car is fun if it still get's 31mpg average
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The honda is a 92 eg hatch with a stock 97 jdm type r after market header and intake stock type r b pipe 201hp to the wheels yes it's been tuned lol 30.9 mpg last time checked. fast little thing it also has a 75 shot venom kit, if it's got a gas peddle I'll drive it if it's fun.
The t56 bolted right in but i had the trans bracket from the 03-04 I have not stuck the drive line in but I am putting in an irs and have an aluminum driveline to go in. The car is getting everything 03-04 as far as drive terrain. It's takin 4 or 5 years to collect up the parts so far.
i know this isn't an answer but im glad u got ur car running and i have a few questions for u about the swap. Is the clutch fork the same on the GT and the cobra and/or the throwout slide or are they different?