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CT Grim

Aug 5, 2013
Tucson, AZ
What I have:
93 stock motor w/headers, 190lph fuel pump

What I have on the shelf:
GT40 intake, E303, 70mm TB

What I will have someday:
Boss block 331/347 w/turbo

Until then....

Planning on a set of AFR 195's (72cc) and a set of SS Crower 1:7 to complete the swap and tide me over.

24, or 30lb injectors? ...and will there be clearance issues with the 1:7's?

..feel free to opine on anything I skipped over. :)
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The 2.05 intake valve will possibly hit radially no matter what ratio rockwr. The stock pistons just don't have the clearance needed. The 72cc chamber will lower compression to 7.96:1.

Be best to add them when tour ready to build the next motor. Till then I'd add the gt40 and e can and enjoy a good running, crisp street car.

If I can help let me know ;) good choice on the 195s they are a very badass head. Id go Dart over BOSS block, better design IMO.

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Thanks for the input, gentlemen!

Plan #2:
AFR 185's w/58cc (any clearance issues with the 2.02's?)
Crower SS 1:7 (I know this is overkill, but can use later on next build)
24lb injectors and 70mm MAF
New bearings for the 125K bottom end
I personally wouldn't put any of that stuff on my car, but if you're going to, AFR 165's would be much better heads to go with those parts. If you were considering the 195's to be used on the new build also, do what Rick said and skip heads all-together.
I don't know anything at all about the Pro Mag's, but as long as they are a quality product that sounds like a good plan right there. I have the Cobra (Crane) rockers, and love my Pro M and Accufab stuff. Will be adding the AFR 165's as soon as money allows. I'm running an Edelbrock Performer intake on mine.
The COMP pro mags are very nice no issues there...

I deal with ProM and Accufab amongst all the others if you need parts my pricing is great.

As far as fresh mains I'd also hone the block and do rings and can bearings as long as it is all in good shape. New timing set, cam, lifters and oil pump. Otherwise slap the heads on and save the money and labor towards a new motor;)

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