H Pipe to Header bolts...can't get them off help


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Feb 9, 2003
Lowell, MA
so we are in the middle of my long tube install..after two nights we havent made much progress. Can't seem to get the H pipe off

How on god's green earth do you get up there to get those bolts off...they just aren't budging. I am using a nice air gun, the mother of all extensions and some good swivel sockets. The only thing we can think of is the torque from the air gun is being absorbed by the extensions...

How have other people gotten up into there and gotten those bolts off..there just is no room. I am aggrivated now becuase we are beyong the point of no return with the install. I am rather aggrivated and thinkig I bit off more than I can chew :(
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Sounds like you have all the right tools, I took my Son's off with a ratchet, extension, swivel and socket with no problem. Maybe because of the climate where you are you may need to use some liquid wrench to help them break them loose.
It took some fight, but we got mine off last weekend with good old fashion muscle. We used a rachet, socket and extension.

The issue is that the bolts are machine pressed at the factory. Once you get them off, look at them. The opening is oval because the factory squeezes them onto the studs. One of the studs we actually pulled out and had to re-thread it. It helps to have all the tools at your disposal...
I had the same problem and i eventually got pissed and used a cutting torch on my last one and i dremmeled the one before it :) ! If you do something like a torch be careful as not to burn anything important. I got lucky and didn't toast my starter but i almost did.
Use 24" Extensions for your socket wrenches with swivel sockets on the ends. And Liquid Wrench (little yellow bottle) is a MUST...although I used WD-40 and it worked just as good.

A breaker bar might work well too...but the LAST thing you want to do is break the studs on those manifold bolts.
I just got done putting mine back together after the engine install. The drivers side is pretty easy ill bet its the passanger side giving you the grief. Take thye starter out, that gives you more room. Lube it up and let it sit.
Good luck
I actually put my stock H pipe back on last night. I've got to go get my inspection soon.

What I did was used a 10" extension with a 3" extension and a 1/2" drive ratchet. I used PB Blaster (similar to Liquid Wrench, but works faster and harder) to spray on the bolts. I would not suggest using an air tool for breaking them loose.

Also...I used a rubber mallet to hit it once I had the socket in place.

Hope this helps.