Hard right turns, big clunks from front suspension?


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Feb 29, 2004
ever since i changed rims on my car. i noticed when i make sharp right turns. going into a driveway. around a corner from a stop sign. etc. there will be loud *CLUNK* noises from the front right suspension it sounds like. maybe one big loud noise per rotation or half rotation of the wheel or so. ive never noticed it turning left. only turning right.

i highly doubt it has anything to do with swapping rims etc. i just dont think i gave it a chance to do this to me before it.

well. i dont know suspension for anything. so figured id ask before i go by a mechanic for opinions.

what do you guys think? broken ball joint or something like that?

Derek :notnice:

ps. i lowered my car with eibach prokit springs, and havent had it aligned yet.
but it did it after the rims before the springs. so :shrug:
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Ok, i am assuming you have a fox. if you have 9" wide wheels then the wheels are rubbing the control arm. That "CLUNK" your hearing is quite possibly the counter weight the tire shops use to balence your tires. Some are taped on useing 2 sided tape and others clip on the inner edge of the rim. I have had this same problem with my 17x9 cobra rims. Every rotation when i turned in to my driveway it would happened. I would get an alignment and get those conter weights replaced with the "tape-on" kind, they are just as good. You lowered your fox definately get a bump steer kit and C/C plates. If you have not already done so, if not, get the CC plates and bump steer kits first. You don't want to pay for 2 alignments. let me know how this turns out
My 2 cents peace :D