Has anyone else driven a WRX and thought the same thing?


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Sep 11, 2005
Las Vegas
I always thought these cars were supposed to be badass. From what I heard, it sounded like these things were insanely fast. Well, someone I know asked me if I wanted to drive his WRX. My mustang needs a new clutch right now, so I told him no. Driving any other fast car would just piss me off since my car is not driveable. Well, he pretty much forced me to drive it, so I did it just to see what it was like. Honestly, I was NOT impressed at all. Actually, I was very dissappointed that all the BS I heard about the WRX was really just BS. I guess all the hype made my expectations really high. Don't get me wrong-the car did ok when the turbo finally spooled, but the key word is "finally". It definatley handeld well, but the acceleration was not crazy. Did anyone else think the same thing when they drove one? I mean, It was quick for a 4 cyl, but nothing to be scared of-at least in the stock form. Sorry if I offended anyone who owns one, but I was just not impressed.
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Stock WRXs usually run about 14.2-14.5 in the quarter. Although not insanely fast, its not bad for a stock 2.0L. I have never driven a normal WRX, but the STi I drove was pretty quick.

I think all of the hype with the WRX is just like anything else. Decently quick car from the factory so a lot of people over rate what they are capable of.
I've only driven the STi, not the regular one, but I've been in both cars before. I was fairly impressed both times. They sure are fun off the line! It's also pretty neat to take a curvy off ramp going 65 and not feel like the ass-end is going anywhere.

I was looking at buying one but I picked up an F150 instead due to the need for towing ability. But if the WRX could have made it down a muddy trail to put a boat in, then I'd be driving one today!

My guess would be that you need to drive it like you stole it to get any serious off line pull. In other words, you would need to rev it up a bit and abuse the clutch so you can get the turbos spooling sooner in the launch. Since it's AWD, you wouldn't need to worry about wheel spin (though you would need to worry about the damage you're inflicting on the clutch). Then maybe you woulda been a little more impressed.

But since you were driving a friend's car, I can understand why you didn't do that.
The new ones have the 2.5l like the sti but it only has like 3 more hp than the 05's. Turbo lag is however less noticable in the 06's. I was going to buy an 05 or 06 and decided it wasnt what i wanted. So i got an 03 mach 1, i think i made the right choice :D
The bad thing about the regular WRXs is that the 5MT tranny doesnt hold up when a decent amount of power is added. Modding them is not inexpensive by any means (the STi 6 spd runs around $5000, plus you need the whole driveline out of one to make it work)

*gah* I miss my subie..
To really appreciate a wrx you pretty much have to launch it at 6k and let er rip! My friend has an 06 and its a nice car for what it is. Its pretty quick as ive raced alot of cars with it and never lost. I even beat a newer (00-02) gt pretty easily. But again this was launching right off the rev limiter. The newer ones deffinatly dont have as much of a turbo lag as the older ones, but they still are no match for a v8 as far a torque goes.
blk9450 said:
the wrx is a 2.2. the 2.0 turbo was jdm wrx's
plus wrx's were so cool 5 years ago. they have since been eclipsed totally by the sti

Actually the 02-up WRXs were 2.0L also. The 2.2L was only used in a few special WRXs such as the 22B, and in the older turbo Legacies. The STi, Forester, and the new WRXs get the 2.5.
A strong-running fox 5spd will run with WRX's stock vs stock in the 1/4 when it's all said and done. Two completly different powerbands.

STi's are COMPLETLY different. They are very fast, and very well-balanced cars. Great weight distribution, suspension, awd, and 300+hp.