Have question about rear suspension


Jan 28, 2003
portland, OR
I am currently looking into a new suspension setup for my car. so far I have Lakewood 50/50's and im trying to decide on a spring set. I had planned to run an airbag on the right side to help with launching but found that moroso sells a drag kit that has one spring stiffer than the other to "eliminate" use of an airbag. what if you put an airbag with that spring anyway? pointless? itd make it def stiffer on that side for sure but is there a point where its too stiff? i plan on getting new control arms and most likely an anti roll bar so there will be no lat movement...given this car will mainly see street anyway.

thanks for any info

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OK people, lets help the man out...

I think you should first get some control arms, perferably some adjustable one's. I didn't relize before your rear was fully stock with lakewood shocks. After that I would definatly see about a roll bar to really take care of the flex issue, that is what I will do. I like coil overs. You could get a set of those and use a stiffer RR spring.