Headlight alignment?


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Jul 24, 2001
Northern Virginia
OK so today I got my car saftey inspected (I dont know about anyone elses state, but here in Va, you have to have a yearly saftey check up) and I failed cuz my headlights were misaligned. How in the world do you fix that? I looked it up in Haynes and Chiltons, but all it tells you is how to replace the bulbs.

I also failed saftey because I had no cats... I was like hey, thats emissions... not saftey, but he's like I can fine you and blah blah blah.
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I think there is a tool you get from ford. On the back of the housing, there are 3 long screws that will tilt your headlights up/down/sideways (kinda). I didnt have the tool, so i removed my headlight, adjusted, and reinstalled until i had the rigth angle. I then measured the gaps between the screws and applied the same measurements to the other side, and i have evenly adjusted headlights.
OK , at night park in your driveway turn your headlights on(or faceing a wall) you will see along the outer rim of your headlights there are screws. Those are the adj. screws. Not sure how yours are, too high , too low , left-right you never said. So fiddle with em till you get it right. Its easy, if you've ever had a lowered car you probably ahd to move em up a bit.
yes you do have to have cats in va.,the inspector was right about that.9 out of 10 inspectors don't check headlight alignment but if they find something as obvious as no cats or other major problems it's like an open invitation to knitpick.most inspectors aren't as picky as long as people don't come in knowing they're going to fail but then complain when you say you have no brakes or 4 slick tires and act mad or surprised.i know this because i've been an inspector for almost 4 years now and by the way it's not just a safety inspection.
I did mine the same way as 347 Special stated when i bought my car.If i recall the screws were not standard screws, torx maybe? I can't remember.But anyways its real easy to do.
The funny thing is one of my lights pointed up into the trees when i went around a corner :D