Heads-up import racing at the track today!


Founding Member
Oct 2, 2001
University Place, WA
It was interesting to watch. Most of the Hondas were running 14's, but some 13's and one of the Evo's was running low 12's. Must have been 60+ cars paired-up! I think that is a really good idea! Keep more of the races at the track instead of on the street. The next step is to not show the ETs.

They were doing Test and Tune, too. Some American cars there but not too many race cars. I wanted to run just to see if I had all my problems sorted-out. Made a couple 11 second passes (finally). I was happy with that. There were a couple 05 Stangs running 13's. Track won't be open again until after the ides of March.
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