Austin Vaughn

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Jun 9, 2013
Hello all,

Not sure if this is the correct post to ask this question. Sorry if it's not. I have looked and looked and looked for the answer to this question. I have a 2000 GT and it has the Windsor motor. I currently have a tick coming from the engine. I'm not sure if it's a valve or an exhaust leak. I will verify this weekend. If it turns out to be a valve and since I was wanting to get a comp2 cam eventually, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. I know I can get my current heads rebuilt and install cams but my question is, when I search online for heads (all) of the results are heads that claim they are "for Romeo Engines". So people ask this question and the reply's generally are "yea they won't fit because the valve covers are different." WTF! That doesn't mean anything except get the ^%$# valve covers that fit the head. What I wanna know is will it fit the block and work. I just want to know if they can be used on my Windsor block.

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Windsor heads and Romeo heads differ in a number of ways. With respect to the camshaft the the two biggest differences I can think of are that (a) the Romeo head uses ladder-style cam caps whereas the Windsor uses individual caps and (b) the Windsor uses pressed-on cam sprockets instead of the bolt-on sprockets of the Romeo.

'A' is immaterial. For 'B', to put cams in a Windsor I think all you need to do is purchase a set of sprockets, spacers and M12 retainer bolts & washers (the size used by aftermarket cams; stock PI cams use M10 I think...)

IOW, just fix the Windsor heads and put cams in them.
Thanks guys for the replies. I'm going to check on the ticking this AM. Sounds like its coming from the passenger side near the firewall. I know I read elsewhere stick with the same head, block combo. After reading that heads were not interchangeable i was a little skeptical on spending money on the engine seeing how the WAP mustang block was only produced for a couple of years = less of them and less aftermarket vendor support. But modular = modular, hopefully =)