Heater core hoses kinked


Jul 13, 2003
I just installed a new heater core, along with new hoses. When I was putting them on I wasn't thinking about which way they should be routed, or if it mattered. I thought that the pressure in the system would be enough to push the fluid through the hoses, but I guess not. I only get cold air in the car, even when the car is fully warmed up. I guess my question is; did I cut the hoses too long, too short, or just route them the wrong way? Or maybe the parts store gave me ****ty quality heater hose? There is pretty much two kinks in both of them, at the point where they turn to be pushed into the inlet's/outlets. I know it's still enough room for liquid to get through, but obviously ultimately it's not enough room cause I have no heat. Thanks.
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The bends where the coolant passes thru the firewall (front dash) are very sharp, but shouldn't be kinked. They should be pretty close to 90 degrees. I'd start there.

Did you bleed the air out of the cooling system.