heater core replacement

heater core went bad a few months ago and i figure i had better fix it before winter and i am frezzing.... i know that it is a whole weekend project where every dash piece has to come off inorder to get to the heater core, but i was wondering if it is posible to replace the heater core with out discharging all the R-12. the reason i dont want to discharge all of the regregerent is because i dont wanna convert to 134a and my car has really cold ac although i rarely use it.... thanks
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I think you have to discharge it so you can lower the inner heater core housing in the car. The only way you will be able to properly lower it to get to the heater core is to disconnect those lines. I am not completely sure but I have had to change this part 3 times in my car. I actually just changed it last Friday. It only took about 8 hours for me though as i am now a pro at doing it.....lol. Good luck man.
Im pretty sure you do have to discharge...

on a side note:I did mine on my capri(no a/c)took me about 10-15 min. how come it took you so long?? :rolleyes: j/k

you could have a shop evac it, but I dont know if they'd keep it for you while you replaced the heater core. try to find a shop who will do it for you(evac and recharge)


edit**I know someone who did it without discharge. just had to bend the pipes a little...just take your time and be careful
i dont see how you would be able to pull the hvac box out enough without unhooking the ac lines. i did mine last thanksgiving and could barely get the box out enough with the lines unhooked. it took me like 7 hours to do the entire job
I just replaced my heater core without discharging the AC.
Go to mustanggt.org click links then tech. It took 8 hours but only cost me $42 for the core. I removed the console, dash, gauges (disconnet speedo cable first from trans) take off the brakect for the AC evaporator to get to the nuts that hold the heater box against the firewall. You can take the front two screws off for the cover and pry the cover up to gain access to the core.
Take your time and it is not as hard as you think.
Good Luck,
after 8 hours of workin on my car the heater core is in.... also fixed my ac ( shorted wires and relay which was easily found with a test light and a scymatic) have not tested to see if the heater core works yet but i am almost positive it will work i am going to make one of those restrictors tommorrow... ended up with about 4 screws left opps.. oh well everything is sturdy... thanks for the help
Did you clean all the old black crap out of the lip where the heater box mated? I have heard that that black stuff keeps the core from seating correctly and is a cause for leaks down the road. I wish I could find the link for that article I was reading. I have no real need for heat here in Hawaii, so I took the easy way out and bypassed the heater.
My first time took me about 8 hours solo. I chucked all the a/c stuff since it never worked anyways, but my advice for you, you can remove ALL the screws from the trim with a power screwdriver, but when you put the screws back in, ALWAYS ALWAYS hand tighten. The 15 year old plastic can't take power screwdrivers, even on lower settings. This will save you a lot of cursing and broken parts.