Heater Hose Iso Mod Questions


Apr 10, 2012
Anyone doing this? It's come up several times on different pages I was looking at. Seems like it makes since to me. I'm sure my factory ones are worn out. And 60 bucks for isolators is going to hurt my feelings! lol And is it just for the lowers or can you use it on the uppers too?

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He is talking about using heater hose as isolators or possibly for a bump stop if you get the hose large enough make a slice down it and sit it in the making it cup around the spring
lol 1001 uses....

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Try my method first or if you can slide it around the coil that would work too I'm not sure if they are separated enough at the bottom to do that though if you can then spray the coil with wd40 to get it all lubed up