HELP blower gurus


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Oct 20, 2001
please put an end to my suffering...... here's the deal: i have a 92 hatch with an explorer 5.0. i am using the intake and everything. i also still have my original engine, if it matters. anyway, a year ago or so i bolted on a 11/14psi p600b procharger. along with it i put in a 255lph walbro pump, 24lb injectors and the supplied FMU. the problem is this: 3 sets of headgaskets in less than 200 miles. the heads aren't warped and i know the problem is in the tune. as a matter of fact, one of those sets of head gaskets was with my old engine so it's not the engine's fault. with this fmu my fuel pressure ramps up to like 90psi and i know it's just not gonna work at this power level. now here is what i need from you: what injectors should i run, what chip should i run and do they have to have my car to burn a chip for me or can they "estimate"? i know it would be better to give them my car and let them burn a chip but i live in BFE, far away from any tuner shop. when the car runs it runs incredibly well but after a couple passes, bye bye head gaskets. in case i need to clarify, the 96 explorer engine i used had the old gt-40 iron 93 cobra style heads on it, not the p's. i am using the stock MUSTANG cam and i put cobra valve springs on the heads when i installed them. please please PLEASE help me, i want to be able to drive my stang to work next summer without worrying about it blowing up on me. thanks for any info.
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I'd say ditch the 24's & FMU & go with some 42's, one last thing check the heads are they drilled for 1/2 studs/bolts? are the holes sleeved to bring the size down? If they are drilled for 1/2 studs & aren't sleeved then the heads may be shifting under the pressure & blowing the gaskets
Id start with soem bigger injectors and unfortuneately , a good tune. If your head gaskets werent giving out, youd have much bigger problems on your hands, liek replacing a busted up piston.

Theres no reason that they should be drilled for 1/2"
another thing, is anyone using the anderson PMS system and would this be a viable option? i am quite knowledgeable about scan tools and driveability as a ford senior master tech so i think i could probably do it myself but i don't know anything about it.
Well a good tuen is definetley in order the right way to tune the chip is to have your actual car on the dyno in person. Every car is different. And I was runnin a FMU w/ a custom chip the FMU imo kinda sucked. I just dumped it and went to 42lb inj and the car is way more driver friendly. The FMU will spike the fuel psi up to 90psi + I was burrying my fuel psi guage at 100psi +. Now it only goes to about 42-45psi off hand w/ the 42lb inj.

I thankfully never had a headgasket let loose on me and I make 11lbs of boost.

Knock on wood. Good luck man
i haven't had a boost gauge on mine yet so i'm not sure what it makes but i know it runs lean under power. i think what i'm going to is put in 42lb injectors and buy that anderson PMS. that way i can do the tuning myself. plus, i didn't know it but AFM is only three hours away from me. i know, it's not "close" but it's a lot closer than the alternatives. so do you guys think it would be worth my while to drill my head bolt holes to 1/2 and use the bigger bolts when i do this?