HELP! How to REMOVE Entire Trunk LID, TONIGHT!

Alright, I need help on how to remove my entire trunk lid. I am getting some work done to it and need to get it off the car tonight.

Looks easy enough, but I dont want to get stuck on something later and be screwed. The thing that looks weird is the struts, can you just remove it by unscrewing that little nut in front of it?

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Or I noticed there is a sort of clip on the strut behind the head. Do you have to take off that clip some how in order to remove it from whatever it is locked onto, and if so, how?


Next, is a shot of the bracket. Now when I had asked someone else about this, they said I should mark with a sharpie where the bracket is with the screws in place. But when you look at it, it does not seem like there is much room for it to shift, I dont get it. Is there something I should mark? Or just unscrew them and it will be fine?

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And last, is the wiring harness main wire going into the liner of the trunk. How do I go about removing this:

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Thanks for the help guys, need to have this off tonight!


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