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Do you have mods done to the car? Any recent work done?

Have you checked for a vac leak? Is it worse when the motor is hot or cold? I could go on.............

Post as much info as you can and the smart folks in here can help.

Good luck.
The TPS/IAC need to be set for correct voltage at idle (can't remember which). RUn some searches or maybe someone will be good enough to give you the link, but there are good writeups on setting correct voltage at idle. That can be a lifesaver for the dreaded idle surge.

In fact, I remember a whole write on the steps to curing idle surge. Unfortuneatly i dont have that link.

BTW, I have the same issue. I am just dealing with it until I get my car down to AFM for a dyno tune, and I am asking them to program my PMS for better idle.

Oh ya, if you want a temporary fix, you could try increasing your idle speed to 1,000 to 1,100 and you might have better luck.

Good luck.