Help/Info wanted Saleen clone build 99-04


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Jan 24, 2006
My son turns 16 in June, wants a Terminator or Saleen from 99-04 era.

I'd like to build a clone, with a base of a GT or 99-02 Cobra, and while I've owned a 94 and 2000 GT, I've been out of building and driving for a while.

Any suggestions of brands of stuff to stay away from or go to? Bodykits, wheels?

Anyone done something similar?
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Mar 2, 2003
Sea of Tranquility
Saleen parts can be pricy. For some reason they think they are gold bullion. You can source aftermarket pieces but it may be a search in futility since it may take a while to find all you need. If you have Facebook you can search for a guy named Nick Panico. He buys and sells Saleen parts but you may as well find a used Saleen for a good price than to piece one together.

As far as a Terminator, thats a ton of power for a sixteen year old. I'm not wanting to step out of line but I let my son drive my 1996 GT that was lightly modified when we got his license and he put into the woods on a rainy day when it swapped ends on him. Just a been there done that piece of advice. If it's the look he wants go for a 99+ Cobra or even a 94 to 98. Great looking cars and just enough power to enjoy.