Help me find out what's the problem with this exhaust set-up.


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Oct 31, 2003
south texas
please listen to the MAC Shorties, Off-Road ProChamber, 2-Chambered flows in the H-Pipe section.;f=8

i love that sound but i freaking hate that it sounds like it's clogged up. i want it to be high pitched like the bassani set-up on top of the page, but i don't want to lose that 'thunderous' sound that this set-up makes. i know the bassani doesn't have it. might the freaking 2chambers be f****ng it up? if so what muffler would give me that scream i want from the prochamber. basically, my perfect sound would be what i heard with this set-up but w/o it being 'clogged', do you understand what i mean. also, how would the l/t affect the sound since i'll be getting those? please help me out cause i want to do it right the first time.
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idk dude, my Bassani exhaust is pretty "thenderous" at WOT....if you look at the muffler shootout in the FAQ you will see that the Bassani mufflers have quite the dB level.....the sound clip with revving (#3) is probably like 3500rpms, like half throttle....

jr, thanx for the vids, that's the "openess" i would like to hear with l/t and prochamber. can it be accomplished? the only thing that, in my opinion, your exhaust is missing is that burbly sound when you let off the throttle. thanx again
the two chambered flows give you the burbling sound, I know exactly what you're talking about. I have them, and basically it comes down to your level of drone resistance. I don't mind it at all, I kinda like it in fact, but most people HATE it. I don't know if the drone is related to the burbly sound, but its definately the flows that make it. You may want to try this to get the tone you're lookin for: shorties, X pipe w/o cats, and 2 chambered flows.