Help me make a decision

Black Stampede

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Sep 3, 2002
Grand Rapids, MI
Currently I am running '98 Cobra wheels with 245s all the way around. I have wheel spacers in the mail to get the rears out to where they should be.
As you all know these are 8 inch wheels.

Anyways, my buddy has silver Cobra R's on his Cobra with 275s all the way around. He is getting new wheels and selling his to another buddy. Well, he told me since his and my wheels are so similar he would trade me straight up mine for his since Cobra Rs are 9 inch wheels and the kid buying his wont know the difference or care. Oh, and the back 2 have a tiny bit of paint off so you can see black. Very slight though

Now, personally I like 98 cobras better hands down, but the only reason Im considering it is because I would love to put 315s in the back and I really dont feel like spending $175 per wheels to have mine widened.

So Im either gonna keep mine and put 275s on since that is the max, or get his and put 275s up front and 315 nittos out back.
I cant decide!!!

What would YOU do?
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